Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Four of WYD

We continue our journey with the Holy Father into the heart of Christ.....
Today we began the day again by going to catechesis session in the Love and Life center, which was again filled to capacity. We entered to a beautiful time of praise and worship, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.... A wonderful way to wake up in the morning. Following praise and worship, we were blessed by a talk by Archbishop Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York. He gave a wonderful talk about the necessity of evangelization, of giving away the gift we have received. He gave four key ways in which we can effectively evangelize: our charity, our joy, our hope, and our love for the Church. After the catechesis, he celebrated the Mass for the Spread of the Gospel, along with over 50 bishops and 350 priests. In his homily, he spoke more on this topic, going into the concept of "invitation" as fundamental to evangelization. We do not impose, but propose, inviting people to experience the joy we ourselves have received in following Christ.

In the afternoon we again headed over to Cibeles Sqaure to find a place for the evening Stations of the Cross. Again the Lord led us to a good spot, for to our great joy, the Holy Father passed by us on his way in and out of the square. What an immense gift and joy to see him so close yet again! What a moment of grace for our hearts.

The Sations were very beautiful and powerful. The life size stations lined the street, and the cross was carried to each Station along the way. The statues and images in the Stations were some of Spain's most beautiful artistic heritage. The meditation on the Passion of our Lord was a powerful gift to our hearts, especially in these days, in which the fatigue and heat and crowds begin to more and more overwhelm us. We needed this meditation in order to give us the strength and the grace to continue to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice. We thank the Lord for the many graces He has given us thus far and will continue to give. Please pray for us that we may imitate the generosity of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary in these coming days. We look forward with great anticipation to the Vigil which will begin tomorrow. Until Sunday.....

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